Client: Sweatshop
Date: June 12, 2014
Type: Art Direction, Design


Starting a new business? Then Sartre is for you! This multi-purpose template offsers 8 carefully crafted concepts with two variations each, 20+ components and 8+ plugins.


This is an image caption added below the image. You can also add one over the image.
This is an image caption added below the image. You can also add one over the image.
Another image caption. The crossroads.
Another image caption. The crossroads.
The brand.
The brand.
The brand orange.
The brand orange.

Identity & Colors

Showcase your work in style by using this project layout with sticky sidebar info. This particular layout is useful for instances when you need your viewers to always have access to key project info, share buttons, or anything of your choosing while reviewing the project. You have full control over which column becomes stick and when

  • Brick Orange


  • Dark teal


  • Royal Green



Project Overview


  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Photography


  • NY Design Award
  • Design Ape
  • Illustrata


  • Sartre Inc


  • March 2017

The Old Logo

Sticky columns is a great way of telling a story. Alternate the columns as the users scrolls down the page, bringing focus to different sections and particular features. Build an engaging layout to showcase your project from start to finish.

The Process

This section showcases the redesign process. Insert a video, a thumbnail with a video link, images, or any other shortcode of your choice.

Video thumbnail

The New Logo

Add as many sticky sections as necessary to your layout and style them differently. Check out another example where sticky columns are variated upon scrolling the page, click here.

  • Monroe Red


  • Charcoal


  • White